Traditional NY pizza has come to Staten Island,
courtesy of Salvatore of Soho.

Master pizza maker Salvatore Ganci perfected his skills in the art of pizza making during his years at the legendary Lombardi’s, entering the ranks of the most renowned coal fired pizza chefs in the world.

Salvatore of Soho has installed a custom built brick coal fired oven which reaches the extremely high temperatures crucial to achieving the perfect crust. When this oven is used effectively by pizza artisans like Salvatore Ganci, the pizza cooks quickly until the crust achieves the proper degree of smoked crispness that pizza lovers have come to expect.

At Salvatore of Soho we make our mozzarella fresh daily with curd we buy from local dairy farms. And many of the herbs and spices used in our recipes are grown on our organic farm in Upstate New York. We use only San Marzano tomatoes and first cold pressed olive oil as well.

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